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Design Patents

IP Procure routinely files design patents. A non-exhaustive and exemplary list of the patents granted and allowed or published through IP Procure in this class, includes:

Design Patents
D820523 Wall-mounted Back scrubber
D815271 Saddle With A Strap Channel
D814118 Lip Balm Casing With A Mirror Surface
D810948 Biometric Health Device For Animals
D804808 Storage And Carry Case For Telemedicine Devices
D803144 Portable Tow Apparatus
D769278 Display Screen With Graphical User Interface for Auscultation Points
D757152 Device Holder and Activation Apparatus
D756517 Multi-purpose Medical Imaging device support Apparatus
D754342 Anal Plug
D754343 Transparent Anal Plug
D753825 Transparent Anal Plug
D740894 Fitness Training Device
D740895 Fitness Training Device Connection Port
D736610 Sealing Apparatus
D736499 Nursing Garment
D730973 One-handed Device Activation Apparatus
D730229 Accessory Holder
D729407 Inflatable Habitation
D728261 Rod Storage Apparatus
D719376 Barricade Attachable Activity Table
D719279 Transition Strip Corner Structure With a Flange
D715844 Magnifying Container
D714964 Rounded Prefinished Stairnose Corner Structure
D712738 Integrated Bottle Top Apparatus Assembly
D702342 Finger Tip Applicator
D701929 Skateboard Apparatus
D699903 Comb Apparatus
D698181 Plant Storage Crate
D696702 Flying Knife Apparatus
D695403 Anal Plug
D693996 Snap-on Top For Footwear
D693965 Vertical Back Scratcher
D692772 Bouquet Of Spice Dispensers
D692185 Hair Extension Accessory
D690742 Decorative Furniture Freezer
D687635 Footwear Carrier
D685439 Toy
D677913 Multi-swing Chair Apparatus
D675405 Multi-configurable Footwear
D662291 Toe protector shoe
D671281 Grooming apparatus
D670557 Blank For Paper-tissue Packaging Box
D666662 Mount For Camera And Other Optical Devices
D654922 Multi-purpose Monitor Attachment Comprising a Vent Protecting Element And Supply Tray
D654783 Adjustable Paintbrush Hook
D644056 Cushion Support
D642579 Portable Device Holder With A Hand Compartment
D640618 Adjustable Automobile Bumper Protector
D630111 Score Counting Accessory
D629882 Vent Protecting Apparatus
D629157 Heating Element With Twin Strips
D628875 Hose Handling Apparatus
D626474 Adjustable Automobile Bumper Protector
D625441 Window Candle Holder
D624633 Portable Sink With Cabinets
D621977 Window Candle Holder
D619060 Adjustable Automobile Bumper Protector
D619061 Adjustable Automobile Bumper Protector
D618600 Adjustable Automobile Bumper Protector
D611200 Decorative strip for attachment to headgear
D932,557 Game table
D922,688 Weightlifting support shirt
D922,578 Cavity liner placement tool
D922,577 Cavity liner placement tool
D908,969 Weightlifting support shirt
D895,124 Biometric wearable health and performance device for animals
D891,632 Gastrointestinal sampling device
D891,150 Adjustable feet warming blanket
D884,284 Lip balm casing with non-reflective surfaces
D871,922 Dual chambered liquid container
D866,061 Vaping device
D861,807 Rotatable base accessory for a fitness balance device
D855,410 Pizza slice holder
D846,995 Dual chambered fluid dispenser
D843,588 Combined multipurpose adhesive bandage and splint device
D831,207 Rectal insert
D828,687 Wearable umbrella

However, the patent attorney has some general requirements for preparing a design patent application. Click here to find out what information we need from the inventor to conduct a prior art search and prepare a draft of the patent application for a mechanical patent.