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New Invention

Posted in April 2007 This article was published in a technology business magazine, April 2007 issue. Vincent Lombardi, the great American football coach, once said,

Intellectual Property Jan09 News

Intellectual Property News – January 2009 Microsoft filed new patent application for smartphone dock. Jan 29, 2009 Microsoft has filed a patent application for a

Intellectual Property Feb09 News

Intellectual Property News – February 2009 Microsoft’s suit with Tom-Tom sparks open source discussion Feb 26, 2009 The filing of a suit against Tom-Tom’s alleged patent

Intellectual Property March09 News

Discovery Channel Company Claims Amazon Infringed their Patent March 19, 2009 The company behind the Discovery Channel, Discovery Communications has stated that they hold a patent

Intellectual Property April09 News

Pepsi Co. sues Coco Cola Co. for Trademark Infringement April 27, 2009 The two-week campaign for Coke’s Powerade ION4 sports drink is said to have splashed

Intellectual Property May09 News

Warner Bros. and Universal Studios sue Swizz website May 29, 2009 European web video startup Zattoo, is being sued by two of Hollywood’s most powerful