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Other Areas

IP Procure routinely files patents in a variety of technologies and industries. Inventions may not be limited to conventional domains such as mechanical, electronics, chemical, etc.

Many of the inventions we file are cross-disciplinary in nature. For example, a food invention may fall into the category of biotech patents as well as food patents. Certain new class of drugs may be categorized under chemical patents and pharmaceutical patents.

A representative list of IP Procure’ domains of work includes, but is not limited to the following:

Other Areas

Agricultural Equipment patents
Aircraft Equipment Patents
Apparel & Shoes Patents
Consumer Appliances patents
Audio Equipment patents
Automotive patents
Combustion Technology Patents
Construction Equipment Patents
Cosmetics Patents
Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Patents
Hydraulics Patents
Material Handling Equipment Patents
Medical Devices Patents
Petrochemicals & Oil Refining Patents
Safety Devices Patents
Textiles: fiber preparation Patents
Drug Patents
Plant Patents
Textiles: cloth finishing patents
Card, picture, or sign exhibiting patents
Plant husbandry Patents
Package making patents
Leather manufactures Patents
Metallurgical processes Patents
Music Patents
Printing Patents
Animal husbandry Patents
Acoustics Patents

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