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Dean Colomban
Nalu Services

Ash and the team at IP Procure are absolutely phenomenal! After spending months searching for a patent attorney that can assist me with my software idea, I almost gave up. I’m so grateful I didn’t and I’m so happy I found IP Procure. If you’re looking for someone to trust with your idea, look no further.

Curtis Giametta
RedLine LumTronix Inc.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Ash Tankha is the consummate professional. The secret to his success is his ability to use his experience and to use every tool in the toolbox to get your patent application turned into a patent. He consults a pool of other patent application professionals to get your application approved when it seems all is lost. Sometimes his approach seems unconventional, this where his experience shines through because he knows what it will take. Simply put he gets the job done no matter what challenges may arise. Here is the best part, Ash does not charge for services by the hour. He charges a flat fee for the work you ask him to perform. This allows you to manage the cost versus running up a bill that may be difficult to manage with all the work associated with prosecuting a patent application with the USPTO. If you go with this firm to get your application approved and issued as a patent; you cannot go wrong because you have the best of both worlds, Ash with a wealth of experience and the cost of prosecution that is manageable. Between my father and I, we have 7 patent applications turned into patents because of Ash’s relentless pursuit for patent approval. He never quits until the job is done.

Dari Shalon
Renew Medical Inc.

Ash is excellent. He is very professional, responsive and helpful. It is a true pleasure to work with him. Over the years, I have referred many people to him. They too are all very satisfied with his work.

Bobby Singh
Cellspinsoft Inc.

I have worked with Ash and his team for more than 12 years. He has helped me file and obtain 14 patents and a couple of trademarks. He is very professional and is able to understand new technology very easily. It is a pleasure to work with him. Thank you Ash for helping me.

Bob Hazy

I’ve worked with Ash and his firm for more than 10 years, both as a consumer of their IP services and a provider of expert affidavits. On all occasions it has been an excellent and productive collaboration. Ash is receptive to feedback, is a good listener, provides expert guidance to shape my desires as a client into reasoned and compelling arguments, pushed back when necessary and ultimately proved successful when representing my four patent applications in my Blurt! portfolio of web voice technologies. He is reasonable, as are his fees, which is particularly important on both counts to me as a small business CEO. I’d highly and immediately recommend him to others seeking IP counsel.

James Chun

I have worked with Mr Tankha for over 10 years. He filed about 20 patent applications for us and all of them got approved!

His team is knowledgeable, professional and their fee is reasonable and fair.
I strongly recommend his patent services to others.

George Szekely
NY Knitworks

I’ve been working with Ash for several years now, in his capacity as a patent attorney. His work is thorough, he is prompt and responsive, and his expert guidance through the patenting process is critical to my company’s success.

Lisa Miller
VIE Healthcare

If you are looking for an experienced patent and trademark attorney who gets real results – then you have found him.

Our firm has been working with Ash Tankha for over 5 years and Ash has been the reason why we were granted patents. He has tremendous expertise, thinking and strategic abilities. He knows patent law inside and out and is brilliant.

We have also worked with Ash on obtaining trademarks, and again he has succeeded in all of this work for us. He has exceptional results. He cares and is committed to achieving successful outcomes for his clients.

I highly recommend Ash Tankha as an attorney for Patents and Trademarks.

In addition to being an expert, he is a pleasure to work with.

Arthur Arrizon
VIE Healthcare

I interacted with Mr. Ash Tankha, patent attorney, IP Procure recently for filing a patent application for my inventive concept. Ash helped me understand the patenting process, handled the drafting of the specification and drawings, and filing of the patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office. He was very helpful in suggesting and obtaining additional drawings to clearly describe my inventive concept. Ash’s law firm (IP Procure) is a one stop shop for filing patents in the US and in foreign countries. I love his timely responses, technical interactions and overall quality of service. I strongly recommend Ash if you are looking for assistance in patenting your ideas.

Chuck Rehberg
Trigent Software

I have worked with Ash and his team for more than 15 years, successfully filing patents and trademarks. I have the utmost respect for his professionalism and ability. New technology isn’t always understood by examiners. Ash and I have met them in person to explain new ideas that go beyond existing terms, gaining both their understand and approval. Thank you Ash.

G S Naveen
Accord Software

I have interacted with Ash and team since past several years towards getting the key innovative ideas patented and assigned to Accord Software and Systems Pvt Ltd. They have helped us completely in the patenting process starting from prior-art search, drafting the specifications and drawings, legal formalities with the application process, responding to the patent office communications, and replying to examiner’s questions/feedbacks. They are our one stop service provider for patenting our ideas in India and internationally. We have got our patents issued in India, US, and Europe with the help of them. I appreciate their time-bound responses, technical interaction that minimize the iterations, and the overall quality of service. I strongly recommend them if you are looking out for assistance to patent your ideas.

Sudhanvaa VK
Accord Software

For the past decade, we have been interacting with Ash and team for our patent applications. Patent filing services have been highly professional with 100% success rate. I had introduced Ash to a few of my friends, who were equally appreciative. Thank you and all the very best for your future activities.


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