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About IP Procure

IP Procure, a part of Lipton, Weinberger & Husick provides patent and trademark legal services nationwide. We also provide patent and trademark filing services in foreign countries through our foreign  associates. Our services include patent searches, patent application drafting and filing, patent application prosecution, trademark searches, trademark filing, trademark application prosecution and copyright registration. Our patent attorneys also file international patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, and international trademark applications under the Madrid Protocol though the World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.

We have filed thousands of patent applications over the past 30 years in the electrical, software, mechanical, business method, medical device and chemical domains. Representative patents applications that we have filed and obtained are posted at the top of this page under the link “Patents”. Client references regarding our patent related services is posted at the top of this page under the link ”References”.

Services Provided By IP Procure

Patent Application Drafting and Filing

IP Procure drafts and files the following documents: provisional and non-provisional patent applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office, international patent applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, and foreign patent applications under the Paris Convention.

Patent Prosecution

If the patent application filed by the applicant with the USPTO, receives an office action issued by the USPTO rejecting the claims as not novel and/or obvious in view of the prior art, IP Procure conducts a phone interview with the examiner to advance the prosecution of the application and thereafter files a response to the office action.

Trademark Searches

IP Procure conducts a registrability search of the mark to be registered, and issues a registrability opinion advising the client regarding the liklihood of registration of the mark with the USPTO.

Trademark Applicating Filing

IP Procure files trademark applications for marks that applicant’s seeks to register in the USPTO, and files corresponding trademark applications through foreign associates.

Infringement Opinions

We conduct infringement studies to determine if the features of a product or invention read on every element of the claims of unexpired patents, and to determine if a client is potentially free to operate without risk of infringing the identified patents in a particular country.

Value Added Services
Flat fee
Flat fee for filing patent applications and for prosecuting patent applications
We meet with USPTO examiners at the USPTO to advance the prosecution of patent applications
300+ clients
Filed and obtained thousands of patents for more than 300 clients over the past 30 years. Representative patents that we have obtained are posted under the link "Patents" on this page.
Free consultations
No charge for consultations or advice over the phone, or for any work requiring 15 minutes or less of our time
Affordable Cost
Big firm quality. Small firm costs
Inventive Concept
We invent for the inventor, and suggest variations to the inventive concept that increase the liklihood of allowance of the patent application.
A Guide for Registering
Authored books on patents and trademarks and published scores of articles on intellectual property. Our publications "Patent Your Idea", "Trademarks - A Guide to Filing and Prosecuting a Mark", and "Trademarks" A Guide for Registering, Opposing and Appealing a Mark" are available on amazon.com for a nominal cost
Trademark services
References (20) for our patent and trademark services available on request.
Discounted fee
Discounted fee for start-ups and individuals
Patent Application Filing Process
If you would like to file a patent application for your idea, listed below are the steps that we follow for drafting and filling your patent application with the U.S.PTO:

Step 1

Please e-mail your name and contact information to us at ash@ipprocure.com, and we will send you a non-disclosure agreement and a fee agreement that recites our flat fee for filing a patent application.

Step 2

Please review the NDA and fee agreement and if you wish to proceed, please download, sign and return the NDA and fee agreement to us as a PDF document by email. We will countersign the agreements and e-mail them back to you. You may then send us a description of your inventive concept and instruct us to conduct a prior art search (optional) to determine if the inventive concept is new, or, to file a provisional or non-provisional application without conducting a prior art search.

Step 3

We will draft the patent application, and send the draft patent application to you for your review and edit. Your edits/changes will be incorporated in the patent application. Once you approve the patent application for filing, the patent application will be filed with the US PTO.

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