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IP Procure offers discounts for start ups and portfolio maintenance and docketing services for clients. A complete list of our services for start-ups and established firms is as below:.

Patent Services for Start Up

Most start-up companies and small businesses inadvertently perform or omit to perform an act that results in loss of their intellectual property, for example, lose patent protection by disclosing their inventive concept prematurely. At IP Procure, the patent attorney advises entering into a non disclosure agreement (NDA) or filing a patent application, prior to disclosing the inventive concept to a client, collaborator or the public.Startup companies are known to be sensitive to hidden and escalating costs. IP Procure offers fixed fee patent filing services for start-ups. The firm provides a transparent estimate of all the patent fees the startup company may encounter from the prior art search to the patent grant.

IP Procure also advises our new clients the basic intellectual property processes that a start-up company needs to implement in their company to avoid loss or theft of intellectual property at no additional cost to the client.

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Patent Services for Established Firms

IP Procure also provides patent services and trademark services to established businesses. Patent services include a prior art search, patent drafting and filing, and patent prosecution.

IP Procure has conducted patent searches and filed patents diverse technological areas, for example, software patents, electronic and semiconductor patents, chemical patents, biotech and pharmaceutical patents, mechanical patents, business methods patents, etc. View IP Procure’ exemplary list of granted patents in some of these technological areas.

IP Procure understands the specific intellectual property needs of established firms and the role intellectual property plays in these organizations. The intellectual property of a company typically revolves around the core technologies of the company and the patenting process may be a part of the innovation culture of the company. In addition to regular patenting services, IP Procure offers the following services that are specifically useful for established firms:

Docket Management

IP Procure offers patent portfolio management and docket management services. We track our clients’ patents over their complete life cycle. Clients may retain the services of IP Procure to represent them before the US patent office and coordinate the filing of corresponding foreign patent applications through foreign firms whom we work with worldwide. IP Procure’ patent attorney periodically sends reminders to clients for patent maintenance dues/annuity fee payments throughout the life cycle of these patents. The patent attorney and the paralegal team manage the Intellectual Property docket and ensure that the correspondence with patent offices worldwide is handled in a timely manner.

Setting up IP Processes within the Firm

The firm assists in establishing IP processes within the client’s firm such as maintenance of an invention log, preparation of non disclosure agreements, providing guidelines for public disclosures, and recommending procedures to avoid premature disclosure of inventive concepts. As part of establishing IP processes within your firm, the patent attorney counsels your people and engineers on what is patentable material and the importance of patents for promoting innovation in the company.

International Filing

The firm also files US trademark applications with the U.S.PTO and international trademark applications under the Madrid Protocol with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva, Switzerland. The Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks (Madrid Protocol) is an international treaty that allows a trademark owner to seek registration of his trademark in any Madrid Protocol member country by filing a single trademark application, called an “international trademark application” With WIPO. The International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva, Switzerland administers the international trademark registration system. An international trademark application is required to be based on a previously filed US basic trademark application or any foreign basic trademark application. Thus, the requirements for an international trademark application are about the same the requirements for a US trademark application or a basic foreign trademark application. However, a separate fee for the international trademark application is required to be paid to the International Bureau of the WIPO.

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