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A Guide to Filing & Prosecuting a Mark

Want to know about Trademarks? IP Procure can help!

At IP Procure, we file national and international trademark applications. Our Managing Trademark Attorney Ash Tankha, author of Trademarks. A guide to filing and prosecuting a markis an authority on trademark law and its procedure. See our list of registered trademarks.

We conduct a registrability search and file a trademark application within five (5) days of receiving the required information. We communicate with the trademark examiners regularly to expedite the registration process. Contact Ash to have a comprehensive trademark registrability search conducted and file your trademark application within 5 days.

Call Ash Tankha Toll Free at 1-866-387-5386 for a Free Initial Consultation.

Trademark Search

We conduct both national and international trademark searches and provide a legal opinion on registrability for a minimal fee. A trademark search is advisable before an application is filed to minimize the chances of a refusal based on a conflicting registered mark. A search report and legal opinion will be sent to you within 3 days. We choose the preferred classes and description of the product and the trademark application is filed after we receive your approval.

Trademark Application

An application for trademark registration may be filed in a day. All we require from you is a completed questionnaire. This questionnaire can be downloaded here or contact us and we will send you a copy.

Trademark Prosecution

We prepare comprehensive arguments to office actions (refusals) of trademark applications in favor of registration. Trademarks, A guide to filing and prosecuting a mark contains sample responses filed by Ash Tankha at the U.S.PTO which resulted in the registration of previously refused trademarks.