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Mechanical Patents

IP Procure routinely files mechanical patents. A non-exhaustive and exemplary list of the patents granted and allowed or published through IP Procure in this class, includes:

Mechanical Patents
#US-010579755 Method for 3-D Printing A Custom Bone Graft
#US-2017-0097175 Solar Thermal Concentrator Apparatus System And Method
#US-2017-0027202 Prepartion Of Meat Jerky
#US-2017-0035605 Energy Harvesting, Heat Managing, Multi-effect Therapeutic Garment
#US-2016-0377324 Solar Thermal Concentrator Apparatus System And Method
#US-2017-0007078 Motorized Body Cleansing Appartus
#8,747,174 Amphibious Protection Apparatus with Inflatable Wall Members And Enhanced Access Ports
#8,403,723 Pattern Making and Construction Kit
#9,404,247 Manual Toilet Flushing Apparatus with an Odor reducing Fresh water Inlet Valve Assembly
#2016/0067027 Fecal Incontinence device, system and method
#2016/0114847 Saddlebag Support Apparatus
#2016/0120301 Portable Cantilevered Table
#2016/0120361 Smokeless barbecue Device
#2016/0123124 Dual Horsehead Block and Tackle Pumping unit
#8,132,418 Cooling with Refrigerant Feedback
#8,302,263 Eye a Door
#8,341,867 Cheek Support Apparatus
#8,350,714 Collision Alert System
8,453,608 Buoyant Toy
#8,479,664 Barricade Attachable Activity Surface
#8,497,007 Protective Sheathing Apparatus
#8,689,367 Adjustable Toilet Seat Handle
#8,739,497 Roofing Apparatus
#8,878,412 Alternating Current Electric Induction Motor with Auxuliary Closed Loop Torodial Winding
#8,955,582 Beamless Mechanic-Reversing Long Stroke Pumping Unit
#8,967,440 Wrapping Film Dispenser
#8,991,097 Tomato Booster
#9,005,471 Heat Transfer Fluid Containing Nano-Additive
#9,022,673 Device Support and Trigger Apparatus
#9,068,374 Vehicle Management System
#9,121,152 Canine Excrement Collector
#9,130,446 Eddy Current Torque Transfer Coupling Assembly
2015/0138655 Magnifying Container Apparatus
2015/0064643 Visualization Apparatus And System For Enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination
2015/0027078 Post-Installed Sleeve Device For Compensating Loss Of Shear Capacity
2015/0027076 Sleeve Device For Increasing Shear Capacity
2015/0013263 Sleeve Device For Transferring Bending Moments
2014/0322668 Intraoral Biofilm Control Apparatus
2014/0283408 Vacuum Assisted Dehydration System
#8,991,097 Tomato Booster
#8,878,412 Alternating Current Electric Induction Motor With Auxilary Closed Loop Toroidal Winding
#8,616,639 Multi Swing Chair Apparatus
#8,668,539 Amphibious Protection Apparatus
#8,674,571 Solar Powered Wheel Apparatus
#2013/0344254 Dual End Liquid Applicator
#2013/0299545 Wrapping Film Dispenser
#8,573,596 Color By Symbol Picture Puzzle Kit
#13/773,627 Pattern Making and Construction Kit
#13/439,120 Adjustable Toilet Seat Handle
8,398,100 Skateboard Apparatus
8,203,063 Portable Tuning Apparatus
8,365,887 Retraction Apparatus
#12/636,783 Motivational Object
#12/940, 113 Exercise Apparatus
#13/038,547 Protective Sheathing Apparatus
#8,354,757 Hybrid Horizontal Axis Energy Apparatus
#8,338,977 Hybrid Vertical Axis Energy Apparatus
#13/008,004 Solar Powered Wheel Apparatus
#12/727,264 Fixed Moment Arm Combustion Apparatus
#7,679,249 Contra-Rotating Generator
8,457,796 Predictive Conditioning In Occupancy Zones
#12/633,109 Rotating Photovoltaic Cells
#12/202,447 Enhanced Exhaust System
#7,621,206 Multi- Function Wood Working Guide
#5,000,335 Cylindrical Storage Tank With Vapor Purging Means
#5,553,971 Double-Containment Underground Piping System
8,327,897 Automatic Tire Sealing And Inflating System
#5,887,828 Seamless Mission Adaptive Control Surface
#6,127,739 Jet Assisted Counter Rotating Wind Turbine
#6,278,197 Monolithic Contra-Rotating Wind Turbine System
#6,492,743 Jet Assisted Hybrid Wind Turbine System
#7,789,624 Methods And Devices For Improving Efficiency Of Wind Turbines In Low Speed Sites
7,985,145 Portable Sports Swing Feedback Apparatus
#12/611,129 Configurable And Securable Table Cover Assembly
#12/836,579 Motor Mount Assembly
#7,866,917 Trailing System For Dispensing Paint
8,061,303 Animal Isolator
#7,806,626 Pavement Marking System
#7,967,651 Deployable Rescue Apparatus
#7,748,240 Foot Gripping Garment
8,122,853 Combination of a Carrying Device and at Least One Dog Toy
#7,722,099 Sanitary Product Disposal
#12/257,409 Barricade Attachable Activity Surface
#7,712,158 Non-Clog Shredder
#7,708,423 Lighted Image Rendering Lamp
8,066,312 Hose Handling Apparatus
#12/487,653 Wearable Support Apparatus
#12/586,897 Conveyance Apparatus
#12/193,771 Convertible Head And Neck Supporting Apparel
8,361,535 Latent Print Development Apparatus
#7,666,128 Board Sport Training apparatus
#12/188,211 Portable And Adjustable Desk
#12/535,670 Color By Symbol Picture Puzzle Kit
#7,654,611 Collapsible Seat
#8,037,888 Reconfigurable Smoking Pipe
#12/100,416 Apparatus For Securely Holding Kitchenware
12/358,271 Anatomically Correct Flexible Contoured Footbed Insole
7,559,158 Enhanced Construction Of Inflatable Inserts For Articles Of Footwear
#12/894,145 Kit For Decorating An Article
#8,457,796 Predictive Conditioning in Occupancy Zones
US20170139199 Magnifying Container Apparatus
US9730563 Concealed Toilet In Vehicles
US9776452 Multi-purpose Concealing Apparatus
US9757305 Medication Organizer Tray Apparatus
US20170270839A1 Apparatus For Securing A Vehicle Flag Device
US9617993 Macerator Pump Apparatus With An Integral Waste Valve Assembly And A Quick Disconnect Discharge Assembly
#10/861,734 Computer Assisted Driving
#8,457,796 Predictive Conditioning in Occupancy Zones
#8,553,992 Determination of Class, Attributes, and Identity of an Occupant
#8,620,718 Industry Specific Brand Benchmarking System Based on Social Media Strength of a Brand
#8,655,068 Color Correction System
#2013/0325491 Therapy Tracking and Management System
#8,009,313 Online Image Customization and Printing on Merchandise
US20170299127A1 Single Color Or Multiple Color LED Angel Eyes Halo Headlight
US20170296432A1 Medication Organizer Tray Apparatus
US20170301326A1 Kit For Attaching Interchangable Accessories To An Instrument
US9821241B2 Pattern-making And Construction Kit
#8,457,796 Predictive Conditioning in Occupancy Zones
#8,553,992 Determination of Class, Attributes, and Identity of an Occupant
#8,655,068 Color Correction System
11,131,390 Safety release bleeder valve
11,000,959 Shaving apparatus
10,953,283 Base apparatus for rotating a fitness balance device
10,913,404 Concealed toilet
10,801,135 Multi-effect woven fabric for energy harvesting and heat management
10,799,390 Energy harvesting, heat managing, multi-effect therapeutic garment
10,710,270 Attaching objects made of dissimilar materials using a molded attachment block
10,588,717 Detachable orthodontic bracket and wire system
10,531,940 Fecal incontinence device for positioning in the lower rectum
10,502,357 Kit for attaching interchangeable accessories to an instrument
10,453,583 Boron filled hybrid nanotubes
10,448,675 Construction of a gripping fabric
10,299,895 Fabrication and installation of a dental implant
10,085,541 Nail polish remover in a spray bottle with file attachment
10,029,752 Saddlebag support apparatus
10,028,628 Concealed toilet in vehicles
20,210,268,675 SHAVING APPARATUS
20,210,246,659 Gutter Protection Assembly
20,210,235,905 Cardboard Cups With Grooved Structure For Vending Machines
20,210,220,219 MOXIBUSTION BOX
20,210,164,753 Double Crossbow
20,210,127,639 Tangle Free Elastic Pet Tether
20,210,016,459 Shaving Apparatus
20,200,324,165 Collapsible Pushup Bar