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New Invention

Posted in April 2007 This article was published in a technology business magazine, April 2007 issue. Vincent Lombardi, the great American football coach, once said,

Innovative Intelligence

Posted in: February, 2007 Given that research drives innovation products, it is imperative we introduce innovation in the research and development process. This article examines

Future of Patents in the Realm of Open Source Discussions

Future of Patents in the Realm of Open Source Discussions There have been several discussions propagating open source software and its benefits, and in this

Patenting System – A Historical Perspective

A Historical Perspective Posted on September, 2006 News items flooding from our daily information sources on patents, company law suits, intellectual property rights, and the

Future Technology – Smart Materials

Future Technology – Smart Materials, – Smart Materials Posted in October, 2006 A family of materials with an ability to change few of its original

Electronic and Semiconductor Patents

An Evolution Scenario An Evolution Scenario, November, 2006 Posted in November, 2006 In recent years, there has been an extensive boost in technological concepts related