For copyright protection assistance contact Ash Tanka, managing attorney or fill out the copyright application at Copyright application.

Copyright Registration

IP Procure is an established intellectual property law firm providing copyright registration filing services. According to the Berne Convention, copyright protection is granted immediately on completion of the text or design or material etc. to the person who created it. Copyright registration is thus not a requirement in order to claim copyright protection. However, if the creator wants to sue infringers from using his or her text, design, material etc. without his permission, he will be required to file a copyright application to register his work with the United States Copyright Office (USCO) first.

Copyright Application

“The Copyright Office records authors’ and other claimants’ claims to copyright in original works of authorship and maintains records of these copyright registrations as well as materials deposited with copyright applications for registration (e.g., a copy of the work), records relating to the copyright application process (e.g., correspondence between the Copyright Office and the applicant regarding the application or deposit); recorded documents (e.g., copyright assignments), records relating to the statutory licensing of copyrighted works (e.g., statements of account), and other records regarding the Office’s general operations.” – US Copyright Office

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The main purpose of conducting a copyright search is to locate the owner of the copyright to obtain permission before use of the copyrighted work.

For copyright protection assistance contact IP Procure’ copyright attorney or fill out the copyright application.

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