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Why hire a patent attorney?

Why hire a patent attorney?
An inventor is a knowledgeable person in technology but usually not well versed with the legal requirements of patent laws and standards and the preparation of a patent application and conducting proceedings with any patent office requires a knowledge of patent law and rules and the patent office’s practices and procedures.A patent attorney ensures that an inventor gets the best available protection for his or her invention. A patent attorney helps the inventor or inventors manage intellectual property strategically.

Stages of patent prosecution:
Prior Art search:
A patent attorney performs a prior art search based on technical disclosure and suggests the best course of action to the inventor.

A patent attorney drafts broadest possible claims and at the same time drafts the claims in such a manner such that it overcomes the prior art identified by the prior art search.

Office Actions:
Office actions are objections or rejections issued by an examiner of a patent office examining the patent application. A patent attorney helps the inventor to successfully overcome or provide arguments against the examiners objections and rejections.

Telephonic conversations:
A patent attorney also participates in teleconferences with an examiner and helps the inventor convince the examiner of the novelty and or non-obviousness of the claims in the patent application.

Patents are monetarily significant as one can monetize patents and a patent attorney can advise inventors such that inventors get the maximum protection ergo generate the maximum royalty out of patents.

Post Grant Support:
A patent attorney helps getting the best deal if the inventor or inventors are approached by individuals or institutions who want to license for the granted patent or patents of the inventor.

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