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Artificial Intelligence

Patent Law on Edge because of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning is changing the way inventions come into existence. The invention process may no longer involve a single

An Overview of Patents: What You Need to Know

An Overview of Patents: What You Need to Know

A patent is a legal document that grants exclusive rights to an inventor or company for a specific period of time. It gives the patent

New Invention

Posted in April 2007 This article was published in a technology business magazine, April 2007 issue. Vincent Lombardi, the great American football coach, once said,

Innovative Intelligence

Posted in: February, 2007 Given that research drives innovation products, it is imperative we introduce innovation in the research and development process. This article examines

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History of Patents

The word patent is derived from the Latin word ‘litterae patentes.”, meaning an open letter. Patents protect innovation and help innovators gain an economic advantage