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An Overview of Patents: What You Need to Know

An Overview of Patents: What You Need to Know

A patent is a legal document that grants exclusive rights to an inventor or company for a specific period of time. It gives the patent

Why do I need a Trademark lawyer?

It is a common occurrence that most owners choose a mark that describes their product in order to increase the likelihood that the customer associates

Trademark Case Law

Trademark Case Law The law of trademarks as laid down by the Federal Courts makes for interesting reading. This article seeks to give the reader

Maintaining a Trademark Registration

Maintaining a Trademark Registration Registration of a mark does not automatically grant continued protection. It is necessary to file certain documents attesting to the constant

Filing An International Trademark Application Under The Madrid Protocol

International Trademark The Madrid Protocol Treaty, established in 1989 provides a mechanism for obtaining trademark protection in Madrid Protocol Treaty member countries by the filing

Growing Trend of Trademark Registration

Growing Trend of Trademark Registration While it is a commonly assumed that trademarks are a new phenomena, the truth of the matter is that symbols,