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Curtis Giametta

Ash Tankha is the consummate professional. The secret to his success is his ability to use his experience and to use every tool in the toolbox to get your patent application turned into a patent. He consults a pool of other patent application professionals to get your application approved when it seems all is lost. Sometimes his approach seems unconventional, this where his experience shines through because he knows what it will take. Simply put he gets the job done no matter what challenges may arise. Here is the best part, Ash does not charge for services by the hour. He charges a flat fee for the work you ask him to perform. This allows you to manage the cost versus running up a bill that may be difficult to manage with all the work associated with prosecuting a patent application with the USPTO. If you go with this firm to get your application approved and issued as a patent; you cannot go wrong because you have the best of both worlds, Ash with a wealth of experience and the cost of prosecution that is manageable. Between my father and I, we have 7 patent applications turned into patents because of Ash’s relentless pursuit for patent approval. He never quits until the job is done.

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