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Dilemma in designing the right logo!

Dilemma In Designing The Right Logo!

Many brand owners wished that they have an answer for creating an original logo for their trade names. Often used clich is Never waste a stroke. However, this clich can boomerang if not used rightly. For example, if you draw three slanting strokes you have stolen Adidas logo, if you use the color sequence of blue, red, yelow, blue, green, red in your logo and trade name, you may have infringed upon google’s trademark and logo, if you use an apple as your logo, you have stolen the logo of Apple Inc., and if you draw a blue oval and encrypt your trade name in the blue oval, then you may have infringe the logo of ford. These are just a few famous logos to name as examples. No matter how unique your idea for a design may be, in the rarest of rare case scenario, your logo can be similar to an existing designed logo. In this fast paced business world, a new design for a brand name is created every day. Everyone is influenced to the same concepts of designs. For example, circle oval, straight lines, tick, different figures, appearances etc. Brand naming has always been a difficult task for many brand owners. Brand owners work very hard on their brand names and logos and are cautious that it does not look similar to an already existing logo. However, designers designing a logo for a brand owner face the heat when it comes to designing a logo because thousands of designers work on similar projects and it is evident that design will from time to time look almost similar. There are only seven colors in the primary spectrum and six geometric shapes that are easily and readily recognized by an average human brain. Luck is what you will need for trying to figure out a combination still unused and viable within these odds.

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