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Intellectual Property May09 News

Warner Bros. and Universal Studios sue Swizz website May 29, 2009
European web video startup Zattoo, is being sued by two of Hollywood’s most powerful studios – Warner Bros. and Universal, for illegal profiting from broadcasting their movies online.
The lawyers for the studios claim that Zattoo, a Swiss website, rebroadcasts a number of television stations live online and while doing so is adding advertising to films that are shown on German TV via its peer-to-peer online service. The website has responded that it is operating legally under a licensing deal with the German companies ARD and ZDF. A Hamburg court has ordered the Swizz website to stop showing streams for the two stations until the case is resolved

For more information visit: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2009/may/20/television-zattoo

New Cancer Drug Patent for Viral Genetics May 22, 2009
Viral Genetics Inc. has been issued a patent for a cancer drug that “represents the first method for treating drug resistant cancer using metabolic disruption, an approach targeting the distinct cancer-specific metabolic activities that can distinguish cancer cells in general, and many drug resistant cancer types, in specific, from normal cells in normal tissues”
The corporation states, “We are very excited that the Patent Office has recognized the significance of work we first pioneered over eight years ago. The scientific community is now coming to accept the approach, metabolic disruption, as an extremely promising method for helping cancer patients.”

For further details see http://news.prnewswire.com/DisplayReleaseContent.aspx?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/05-21-2009/0005031263&EDATE=

Copyright Bill On Radio Royalties Approved May 21, 2009
The Performance Rights Act has been approved by the US House Judiciary Committee. According to this bill, radio broadcasters are required to pay royalty to the performers to air their songs. The Act will be sent to the full house for a vote.

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), stated, “If the debate is about ‘fairness to artists,’ why should the record labels get one penny from a performance tax on radio stations?”

For further details see http://www.dmwmedia.com/news/2009/05/14/house-judiciary-committee-approves-performance-rights-act

Trademark Win for the Washington Redskins May 17, 2009
A trademark infringement suit was filed against Ebay by L’oreal in France “claiming that the auction site profits from sales of fakes and that it goes too far by asking brand owners to help police auctions.” The court has stated that “Ebay has acted in good faith by establishing means to fight counterfeits on its online auction platform”
The United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia in the case of Pro Football v. Harjo found that the “challenge could not move forward because the challenge to the Redskins trademark occurred to long after it could have been raised.”

For more on this case, visit

New Patent For Fujifilm May 15, 2009
Fujifilm is said to have been granted a patent from the USPTO for its development the ‘technology used in Taskero Universe, the system and method for remotely monitoring and servicing a print system’ – US 7,528,981 B2.
Director Don Schroeder states “This U.S. patent establishes Fujifilm as a pioneer and leader in tracking, managing and maintaining the color production process and we’re very proud of the fact that our team was able to bring this technology to the graphic arts industry”

Read the full article at http://www.quickprinting.com/web/online/Industry-News-and-Trends/Fujifilm-Graphic-Systems-USA–Inc-Awarded-Patent-for-Taskero-Universe/1$10034

Green Inventions Fast Tracked at UK Patent OfficeMay 15, 2009
The UK patent office has announced that green inventions will be fast tracked through the patent process. The Minister for Intellectual Property, David Lammy said “Today’s initiative builds on this by offering innovative UK businesses working in green technologies the chance to get high-quality patent rights faster than ever before. This in turn will speed up the time it takes to get products to market, benefiting both business and consumers. The green patents initiative will make it easier and faster for new products to reach the market. It could take only nine months to get a patent granted under this scheme, compared with the current average time of two-to-three years”

For further details see http://www.ipwatchdog.com/2009/05/13/uk-green-inventions-fast-tracked-to-patent/id=3405/

EBay Wins Trademark Infringement Suit May 13, 2009
A trademark infringement suit was filed against Ebay by L’oreal in France “claiming that the auction site profits from sales of fakes and that it goes too far by asking brand owners to help police auctions.” The court has stated that “Ebay has acted in good faith by establishing means to fight counterfeits on its online auction platform”
The parties have been asked to go to mediation and develop a “constructive course of conduct” which needs to be approved by the Court by May 25, 09.

For further details see http://ipkitten.blogspot.com/2009/05/breaking-news-ebay-beats-loreal-in.html

Puma Sues K-Swiss for Infringement of Shoe Design May 8, 2009
Puma has sued K-Swiss, rival shoe manufacturer for using “a pattern that closely resembles Puma’s trademarked “Formstrip” design.” “The K-Swiss suit contends the dispute isn’t really about trademark infringement but developed because Puma executives were angry that two of the company’s employees, a shoe designer and a marketing person, left to work at K-Swiss.”

For further details see http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/shopping_blog/2009/05/kswiss-sues-puma-in-defense-of-eylet-strip-design.html

Guess and Gucci in Trademark Infringement Battle May 7, 2009
Gucci is said to have sued Guess for trademark infringement by using a logo that is allegedly similar to Gucci on handbags. Gucci argues that the design on the handbags resemble the logo on Gucci’s bags. Gucci’s lawsuit claims that the knockoffs “part of a sophisticated and elaborate scheme to target Gucci, to create products that are similar in appearance to the most popular and best-known Gucci products.”

Gucci has accused Guess of imitating trademarked designs – “a green and red stripe, a repeated interlocking GG mark and stylized G mark it emblazoned on accessories like handbags, belts, gloves, watches and glasses.”

For further details see http://www.luxist.com/2009/05/07/g-is-for-gucci-sues-guess/

Illumina Alleges Patent Infringement May 5, 2009
Illumina is said to have filed a suit against Affymetrix alleging infringement of “Illumina’s US Patent No. 7,510,841, entitled, “Methods of Making and Using Composite Arrays for the Detection of a Plurality of Target Analytes.” The patent was issued on March 31, 2009.”

Illumina has also asked for a “permanent injunction barring Affy from making and selling the named products, as well as a judgment that Affy has willfully infringed the ‘841 patent and should pay triple damages as a result.”

For further details see http://www.genomeweb.com/arrays/illumina-files-patent-infringement-suit-against-affymetrix

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