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Non operational Inventions

Another aspect of the functional requisite is operability. The invention must appear to the Patent office to be operational before they will allow it. Thus,

US and Indian patent laws: Comparison

US and Indian patent laws: Comparison Most of the contemporary Indian law shows substantial European influence. Various legislation first introduced by the British are still

Patentability Opinion

Patentability Opinion A Patentability opinion is very essential to determine likeliness of obtaining a patent for an invention. The Patentability opinion helps an inventor decide

The Status of Patent Pending

The Status of Patent Pending The patent pending phase starts when your ordinary patent application or provisional patent application is filed and lasts until the

Introduction To Infringement Study

Introduction To Infringement Study Literal Infringement The PTO does a comparative study of every element of the claim to the product under acquisition. The PTO

The Invention and Its Detailed Description

The detailed description is the core of the patent application. Here you will set forth all essential details about the invention and its embodiment. It