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Pharma Patents

IP Procure routinely files patents in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology art. A non-exhaustive list of the patents granted and allowed or published through IP Procure in these classes includes:

Chemical Patents
20170251705 Fixed Bed Decolorization Process For Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid
20180207277 A Stable Fat-soluble Active Ingredient Composition, Microcapsule and Process Of Preparation and Use Thereof
9718823 2, 6-di-nitrogen-containing Substituted Purine Derivative, And Preparation Method, Pharmaceutical Composition And Use Thereof
20180138532 Flow Battery And Regeneration System With Improved Safety
20180057359 Boron Filled Hybrid Nanotubes
9421717 Manufacturing a Composite
9295939 Carbon Dioxide Recovery
9282938 Radiolucent Patient Table
9005471 Heat Transfer Fluid Containing Nano-additive
20140080880 Bendamustine Formulations
8591627 Carbon Dioxide Recovery
8242323 Detoxification of Chemical Agents
7919184 Hybrid Nanoparticles
7138199 Fuel Cell And Fuel Cell Coolant Compositions
6566560 Resorcinolic Compounds




Chemical Patents

The particular requirements for a biotechnology or a pharmaceutical patent may vary according to the inventive concept. However, the patent attorney has some general requirements for preparing a biotechnology or a pharmaceutical patent application. Click here to find out what information we need from the inventor to conduct a prior art search and prepare a draft of the patent application for a biotechnology or a pharmaceutical patent.

A few representative areas in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology art are listed below. However, please note that the list is not exhaustive and your inventive concept may be classified in a pharma/biotech class that is not listed below.

  • Biochemistry patent
  • Bioinformatics patent
  • Computer-aided Design patent
  • Enzymology patent
  • Food Science patent
  • Gene Therapy patent
  • Genetics patent
  • Genomics patent
  • Immunology patent
  • Medicinal Chemistry patent
  • Microbiology patent
  • Molecular Biology patent
  • Organic Chemistry patent
  • Pharmacology patent
  • Physical Chemistry patent
  • Plant Genetics patent
  • Virology patent

If you are interested in finding how many biotech and pharmaceutical patents are filed in the U.S.PTO, what is the spread ratio of patents across various biotechnology/pharmaceutical classes and more click here.