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Intellectual Property June10 News

Feds seize cash, Web sites of alleged film pirates – June 30, 2010 The government on Wednesday also took control of at least seven of

Intellectual Property July10 News

Facebook beats back patent infringement claim – July 29, 2010 Facebook Inc won a legal fight on Wednesday over claims its hugely popular social networking

Intellectual Property Aug10 News

IP Legal Services is successful in an appeal before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) IP Legal Services filed a trademark appeal on 10

Apple workers targeted by hackers

Apple workers targeted by hackers Apple has been targeted by hackers who infected the machines of employees when they visted a website for developers For

Reynolds Wrap Sues Rival Using ‘Identical’ Packaging

Reynolds Wrap Sues Rival Using ‘Identical’ Packaging The makers of Reynolds Wrap sued rival aluminum foil manufacturer Handi-Foil Corp. for trademark infringement on Friday in

ITC Affirms Intel Chips Don’t Infringe X2Y’s Patents

The U.S. International Trade Commission mostly backed a finding that certain Intel Corp. microprocessors incorporated in Apple Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co. computers don’t infringe X2Y